Bison Fans Celebrate First Home Football Game of the Year

NDSU fans say the atmosphere is what keeps them coming back for more

FARGO, N.D. — Bison Fever is at its ultimate high.

“Been looking forward to this day since the season ended last year and now we’re looking forward to a great new season,” Scott Stofferahn said.

The herd is celebrating the first Bison football game of the year at home.

“Just enjoying the atmosphere, you know? Come out here and everybody’s into it. They have fun and everyone knows each other,” Marty Wokash said.

Although some fans say it’s not the most important game of the season, it’s the one grabbing the most attention.

“It’s the most fun one of the year because it’s your first time everybody gets together,” Stofferahn said. “You’re catching up, you’re running around into people you haven’t seen for years. It’s amazing how many people come back for Bison games.”

There was no shortage of Bison–themed trailers and apparel decorating the parking lot outside the Fargodome.

But tailgating hasn’t always been that way at NDSU.

“Just wasn’t a big deal back when I was in college. It’s really taken off here and has become a nice fraternity of sports fans,” Stofferahn said.

He graduated from NDSU in 1980.

Although Stofferahn wasn’t a big Bison fan before, he says he eventually hopped on the bandwagon.

“I didn’t get to a lot of games. I was home farming every weekend,” Stofferahn said. “It was after we moved to Fargo that we started going to games regularly and I enjoyed it a lot more.”

For others, being a Bison fan comes from the feeling they get every time they go to a game.

“Everybody likes what they’re doing,” Wokash said. “They’ve got a good program. Everybody has fun. They’ve got a good atmosphere.”

It’s an atmosphere and a team which keeps fans across the Valley wanting more all season long.


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