Locals React to President Trump’s Plan for Tax Reform

Many people in Fargo say they either don't agree with the president's platform or were unaware of what his ideas really are

FARGO, ND — President Trump’s visit to North Dakota is affecting people here in Fargo.

Many people in Fargo say they either don’t agree with the president’s platform or were unaware of what his ideas really are.

“He’s more than welcome to come. I appreciate him stopping by but it’s not my platform that I believe in,” said Matt Boreen from Fargo.

Many say reducing the corporate income tax rate from 35% to 15% looks beneficial on the surface.

“Fifteen percent I don’t know if its actual logical due to the fact that it is at 35% right now but if it benefits all of us, not just the higher class, but the medium class and the low class, however you want to state that, it might be a good idea,” said Samantha Nelson who works in downtown Fargo.

I spoke with some Democrats who feel that the president’s ideas may seem beneficial now, but when the ideas are put into place they may not be happy with the outcome.

“I think he is coming to a very friendly Republican base that supports him for the most part but I think when they see what his actual plan brings to the people, they are going to be sorely disappointed in the long run,” said Boreen.

People in the area said cutting taxes, individually and for businesses, would benefit everyone but it is the consequences of where the spending will be cut that may hurt some while not effecting others.

I asked the people what they would like to see from the president and with changes in tax reform.

“Giving the people the power. Giving the labors, the unions, the power to dictate and say this is what we as individuals deserve and should work towards,” said Boreen.

Some are asking to be treated like equals.

I feel like he puts the higher class way higher than it should be and we all should be equaled out,” said Nelson.

For now, it’s a waiting game for the American people.

When our team asked people on street to comment the president’s visit and tax reform policy, many said they don’t follow politics.

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