Community Leaders Urge Everyone to Recognize the Signs of Abuse and Abduction

Police and support groups want the public to be vigilant in order to help save lives

FARGO, ND — Jasmine Block and Savana Greywind were abducted allegedly by people that they knew.

Community leaders are urging everyone to know the warning signs in order to help save a life.

Organizations in the area are encouraging everyone to recognize the signs of abuse and abduction.

Most of these cases are perpetrated by someone the victim knows.

“Approximately 90 percent of those who do harm are to the victims, somebody that they know and trust,” said Mel Fierstine of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center.  “Not everybody that may do them harm looks strange or acts differently and that typically it is somebody that they are familiar with.”

There are signs to watch for if someone you know is being abused.

“A change in behavior in your child, if you notice that they’re being more secretive, they’re spending much more time on the computer, ask them what’s going on with the computer, talk to them,” said Assistant Chief Gerry Boyer of the West Fargo Police.

While knowing the warning signs is important, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, there are some things you can do to keep yourself from being abducted.

“Screaming, biting, kicking, scratching, causing a scene, anything outside of normal behavior to draw attention to yourself so that bystanders will either call 911 or that somebody will come and assist you,” said Boyer.

Community leaders urge everyone to be vigilant and to intervene whenever possible.

“These things do occur in our community, and it’s important that if you’re a bystander and feel comfortable intervening in the situation, go for it,” said Fierstine.

By getting involved, you might just be saving a life.

If you think someone is being abused, you can visit the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center’s website for more information, click here for the website.

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