Groundbreaking of New NDSU Dorm Named in Honor of Professor

Construction on NDSU's Newest Dorm Began, Named in Honor of Catherine Cater

FARGO, ND — People came together at the NDSU campus for a groundbreaking of a new dorm building.

The dorm is named in honor of Catherine Cater, a beloved teacher and mentor to students of NDSU for generations.

The site is located just south of the RedHawks Stadium and 15th Avenue North and will house sophomore students.

One of the goals of the building is to keep students on campus and living off campus could negatively impact their school work.

“Keeping those sophomores on campus is an important piece of our retention and graduation success as a university and our state never before has more needed NDSU graduates to complete their degrees and go into the workforce,” said NDSU President, Dean Bresciani.

This is the second building to be named after a professor at NDSU.

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