Scientists Find Remnants of Tattoo Ink Inside Person’s Lymph Nodes

A new study suggests you should ask about the chemicals used in the ink


NATIONAL — If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you already know it’s important to check out the condition of the shop, but a new study suggests you should also be asking about the chemicals used in the ink.

Scientists have discovered remnants of tattoo ink inside a person’s lymph nodes and say they traveled there from the subject’s tattoo.

The particles were small but there is no indication of what the pigments may do at any size in that area of the body.

Researchers say most tattoo ink contains organic pigments, but they also have preservatives and additives.

They suggest asking your artist about the chemical additives in their ink, as some artists may use ink that contains higher amounts than others.

They say it’s just another way to help you make a better decision before you get that work of art.

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