Angry Homeowners Address Fargo City Commissioners on Property Tax Bills

Fargo city commissioners approved the 2018 budget by 4-1

FARGO, ND — Some angry homeowners addressed the Fargo City Commission about their estimated property tax bills.

Many of them said they received notices in the mail saying they will be seeing double digit increases.

City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn said the new budget actually cuts the tax rate by 2 mills, but he says it was the state legislature’s decision to eliminate a 12-percent buy down of property taxes and several other changes that are largely responsible for the tax hikes.

Some of those at last night’s meeting told commissioners the increased valuations are a nightmare and could force them from their homes.

“It amounts to $115.37 extra a month for me,” said homeowner Juliette Fiechtner. “In our house, we use the cash envelope system. It would mean either my gas is gone, my dining out money is gone, my clothing money for my kids is gone. ”

“I just moved to Fargo the end of May as a matter of fact,” said another homeowner. “The valuation I got on this letter is $27,000 above what I paid for the house. To me, that doesn’t add up.”

Fargo city commissioners approved the 2018 budget by 4-1.

City Commissioner Tony Gehrig was the lone no vote.

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