Gottenborg Apple Orchard: Apple Picking Season is Upon Us

Gottenborg Apple Orchard in Audubon Offers Public Apple Picking Until October

AUDUBON, Minn. — There’s nothing better this time of year than biting into a nice crisp apple that was just picked from the orchard.

Although fall is just a week away, it’s never too early to go apple picking.

Gottenborg Apple Orchard has been welcoming folks for weeks.

“That’s the most common question,” said owner David Gottenborg. “‘Can you be picking apples yet?’ But these varieties are designed to be picking as early as probably the 25th of August and then all the way through the first part of October. Right now, we’re in the perfect week or weeks of picking apples where we’re picking as much as four different varieties.”

The apples offered at the orchard are unique because they are University of Minnesota Apples, which are raised and tested to be in a northern climate.

Varieties include Zester, Sweet Sixteen, Sweet Tango, Honey Crisp, Chestnut Crab, Red Max, Harlason and Snowsweet.

But you don’t have to be an expert to go apple picking.

“When you come here, there will be help here and they’ll give you a row or rows that say you simply can pick what you see on these rows,” Gottenborg said.

The proper way to pick an apple is not to pull down, but instead, by lifting up.

Picking the apple the wrong way not only damages the tree, but also wastes money.

“If someone was to pull this and three apples dropped, that’s several dollars,” Gottenborg said.

With all of the delicious options surrounding you, you may be tempted to pick more than you can eat.

Luckily, apples can be stored for quite some time.

“We tell them to put it in a big zip lock bag, with a wet paper towel. The first part of the apple that loses moisture would be the skin so you would get a softer skin. For example the Honey Crisps, nine months of storage, the sweet tang, three to four months of storage the right way,” Gottenborg said.

A fall activity that tastes as sweet as it is.

The Orchard’s Facebook page is constantly updated with what apples are available for picking that weekend, click here for more details.

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