Death Investigation On NDSU Campus

They told us it was a loud night in the residence hall

FARGO, ND — A 17-year-old boy was found dead inside an NDSU residence hall.

At this time, authorities are not releasing the cause of death.

It seemed like another typical Saturday night.

“We just heard a lot of noise outside our dorm room,” said Feyisayo Ayobamidele, an NDSU Freshman.

But just after Noon on Sunday, a coroner’s vehicle was seen perched outside Sevrinson Hall.

An NDSU representative told us an unresponsive 17-year-old boy was found inside.

Paramedics tried reviving him but the boy did not make it.

Off-camera, some said it was a high school student visiting friends overnight.

NDSU officials confirmed the boy is not an NDSU student.

“There weren’t really a lot of parties, so people were coming back to the dorms around 12:00a.m. because there was nothing else to do,” Ayobamidele said. “Which is unusual for a Saturday night because people will typically go out and stay out. But people were coming in.”

Students said they heard a lot of noise by the residence hall overnight, but didn’t think much of it.

“You could tell there were boys and girls outside talking very loudly,” said Samantha Torborg, an NDSU Freshman. “They probably were drunk or something and came home from a party or whatever.”

The North Dakota BCI is investigating the case, but a campus official tells us no foul play is suspected.

“Take care of your friends,” Ayobamidele said.”

“Don’t overdrink. Know your limit,” Torborg said,

An NDSU representative says there is no ongoing threat to the campus or the surrounding community.

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