Oh Baby! West Fargo Police Officers “Dive In” and Help Deliver Bundle of Joy

Stephani Krueger, who lives in Valley City, wasn't expecting her baby for another two weeks.

WEST FARGO, ND — Two West Fargo Police Officers were faced with a unique task while on the job last night.

What started as a 911 call turned into the officers delivering a baby from inside of a family’s home.

“I was kind of crossing my fingers and said ‘hey we’ll wait for the ambulance to get here because they’re a little more trained in this than we are,'” said West Fargo Police Officer Austin Bagley. “That didn’t last long. She had another contraction and then the head came out and we had to dive in.”

Stephani Krueger, who lives in Valley City, wasn’t expecting her baby for another two weeks.

“I thought that I could go have an epidural and have their soaker tubs and all the fancy new amenities in the new Sanford but I got my mom’s bathroom and I got her bed,” Krueger said.

Despite the unusual experience, Officers Bagley and Danielson successfully delivered their first baby.

After delivering baby Lakken, Officers Bagley and Danielson said they’ve earned themselves a stork pin.

“Emergency responders in the area, if they deliver a baby, they get what they call a stork pin,” Officer Jacob Danielsen said. “It’s passed out through FM Ambulance. My sergeant was saying that there’s only two other people on the department for West Fargo that has a stork pin, so it’s a very, very small group that even gets to have the experience of this.”

Officers Bagley, Danielson and the family said they hope this new relationship continues throughout Lakken’s life.

“I’ll have a connection with them the rest of our lives,” Officer Danielson said. “Would be kind of interesting to maybe be able to watch her grow up a little bit because you have a little bit more of an invested interest and it would be pretty cool to watch her grow up now that the fact you were able to help bring her into the world.”

“We go in day in and day out and see the bad of the world,” Officer Bagley said. “It’s really nice to kind of go to bed at night knowing that we helped out and are a part of this family’s lives.”

“I’m glad it was these guys,” said Lakken’s father, Dustin Krueger. “They’re great. I’m glad they came up and visited us in the hospital today. Hopefully we can keep in touch with them maybe as birthday’s go on and stuff like that.”

Lakken was born at 6 pounds, 12 ounces.

She was taken to Sanford Medical Center once the ambulance arrived.

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