After Tragic Death, Cyclist Gives the Gift of Life to Others

A flag saying "Donate Life" was raised in his honor at Sanford Medical Center

FARGO, ND — Local doctors are speaking out about the importance of registering as an organ donor after a young man died from a car versus bicycle accident in Fargo.

Family members of 19-year-old Randy West said four people are getting help from his organs.

They said he’s touched their lives with his gift of life.

A flag saying “Donate Life” was raised in his honor at Sanford Medical Center.

With more than 3,500 people in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota waiting for a donation, doctors say registering as a donor saves lives.

“You don’t have time to make that decision, it’s a sudden death,” said Dr. Bhargav Mistry, who is with Sanford Transplantation Services. “If you have made a decision ahead of time and discussed it with your family members, it makes it a little bit easier on them in times of crisis.

Dr. Mistry said one deceased person’s organs can help more than 50 people.

Sanford officials said about 68 percent of North Dakotans are listed as donors on their licenses.

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