Country Superstar Trisha Yearwood Makes Impression at Sioux Falls’ Phillips Avenue Diner

Thanks to a Facebook live video one restaurant is witnessing the cash windfall first hand.KDLT reporter, Sydney Kern has more from Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD — Country legend Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood have wrapped their performances in Sioux Falls.

Their nine total concerts were expected to bring in nearly $37 million into the area.

Thanks to a Facebook LIVE video, one restaurant is witnessing the cash windfall first hand.

The Phillips Avenue Diner in downtown Sioux Falls hosted a special customer.

“I was a little bit start struck, but I didn’t want to be that person so I wasn’t like ‘oh, there she is’,” said server Jessica Reichert.

During her weekly Facebook LIVE ‘T’s Coffee Talk’ segment, Trisha Yearwood chose a booth in the back of the diner to enjoy some breakfast.

She talked about her birthday week and answered fans’ questions.

The outing created quite a buzz.

“People called and tried to pay for her food,” Reichert said.

“We definitely had people ask, ‘can I sit next to Trisha?'” said General Manager, Suzann Patenode.

Patenode said it only took three minutes into Trisha ‘s LIVE video for people to start calling and walking into the restaurant.

“We definitely saw a push for about two hours afterwards with people thinking she would stay here all day,” Patenode said.

Reichert was the lucky server assigned to Trisha ‘s table.

“She seems like a genuinely cool, warm person,” Reichert said. “I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was nice. It was a cool experience.”

Reichert said she received lots of hugs and even a selfie with the country singer.

“After she left, it was kind of hard to come down off of that, just because it was such a rush, and all of a sudden the whole restaurant is full and people are looking for her,” Reichert said.

As much as the staff and customers enjoyed the surprise visit, in her Facebook video, Trisha reciprocated the feelings.

“Probably one of the friendliest cities that we have been to, seriously,” Yearwood said about Sioux Falls. “The downtown is beautiful.”

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