Dress for Success’ Attire to Inspire Fashion Show in Fargo

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FARGO, ND — The latest fashion trends are being shown off to help give area women the confidence to enter the working world.

It’s the annual Dress for Success Attire to Inspire fashion show.

My co-anchor Alison Voorhees is at the Avalon Events Center in Fargo and joins us live.

ALISON VOORHEES, REPORTING: I am at the 5th annual Dress for Success Attire to Inspire event.  The doors have just opened and people are starting to flood into the Avalon Events Center here in Fargo.  Right now, I am joined by Hannah Sorensen.  She has put on this wonderful event.  Hannah, can you tell me what you guys have going on here tonight?

HANNAH SORENSEN, EVENT ORGANIZER: There’s a silent auction and then the main event is a fashion show fundraiser for Dress for Success.

AV: Tell me a little bit about Dress for Success.  What is your goal and your mission for the group?

HS: Helping women in the community really re-enter the workforce.  Often women, due to different events in their lives, will push them out of that workforce and it’s hard to get clothes for that, as well as mentoring to get back to the job force.

AV: First off, thank you so much for inviting me to be one of the models for tonight’s event. I’ve noticed you have so many women and men here helping you guys out.  Tell me a little bit about the support you’ve gotten from people in the community.

HS: It’s amazing to see how excited people are to help with the event. We’ve just had an outpouring of support for people wanting to get involved and really, learning more about the mission of Dress for Success which helps us help more women in the community.

On KVRR Local News at 9, see the highlights of tonight’s fashion show and learn more about what it means to one woman, who has been helped by the Dress for Success organization.

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