Parents Replace Students at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School

"Parent Replace Your Child Day" at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School

FARGO, ND — Parents acted as students at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School.

The school hosted their annual “Parent Replace Your Child Day” for the sixth grade.

Teachers taught the parents as if it was a normal school day, the parents are expected to fill their kids in on what they learned at school.

This goal of this day is to get parents in the classroom and know what’s going on.

“Middle school is definitely different than elementary school and a lot of times, parents aren’t aware of how busy the day is and how fast the day is,” said sixth grade teacher Alicia Collins. “It’s definitely a good experience for them to come in experience and realize why their son or daughter is exhausted by the end of the day.”

Around 85 parents attended this year’s “Parent Replace Your Child Day.”

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