Nine of Thirteen Moorhead School Board Candidates Attend Forum

Voters got a chance to meet the several people running for a single one-year school board seat

MOORHEAD, Minn — Thirteen people are running for a single one-year seat on the Moorhead Public School Board.

To help with the decision, voters are getting a chance to meet the candidates in person.

About one year after Laurie Johnson resigned from Moorhead’s school board, voters have their choice of 13 candidates to fill the last year of her term.

“I asked a couple people who are candidates, they say, ‘well I didn’t think anyone else was going to file,” said Les Bakke from League of Women Voters.

“It’s going to be hard to decide,” added Brittany Hanstad who moved to Moorhead this year.

Some interpret this as a good sign.

“It shows a great deal of interest in the community,” said League of Women Board Member Mary Tintes. “It gives the voter a great deal of choice.”

To help inform the people, League of Women Voters and the public library hosted a forum where candidates talk about issues facing the district.

Only nine of the 13 candidates showed up to the forum.

They are Amy Arel, Elijah Dee Sr., Kara Glow, Lisa Hage, David Hallman, Ruel Johnson, David Marquardt, David Thingvold and Keith Vogt.

They discussed the gap between privileged and poor students, expansion and not having enough staff members.

“We need to take a community view of poverty so children can learn in school and not be worried about being hungry or whether they have a place to sleep at night,” Hallman said at the forum.

“I want to serve our students at a level that brings an educator’s voice to the policies being made for Moorhead Public Schools,” Marquardt added.

“The Moorhead high school could use updating with the technology and make sure they’re qualified once they get out into the world,” Hage told the crowd.

“School board members have a great deal of decisions to make,” Tintes said. “People should know who’s representing them in their school system for their children and for their tax dollars.”

The voters who showed up said seeing the candidate’s will make or break their decision.

“Since I’m new to the area, I’m not as familiar with the issues facing the school board,” Hanstad said. “I have two kids in the district, so I want to be involved in making an informed decision about who should be on the board.”

Anyone who missed the forum can watch its rebroadcast this Friday on Moorhead Community Access Media.

Voters will select one of the 13 candidates on November 7th.

Whoever wins will begin their on-year term in late November.

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