Golf Courses Closing Soon in Fargo

Rose Creek and Edgewood say they will remain open as long as they can weather permitting

FARGO, ND — As temperatures start to drop outside, golf courses will start to close.

Places like Rose Creek Public Golf Course and Edgewood Public Golf Course say they will remain open as long as they can, weather permitting.

Some golfers just don’t quit because it gets a little cooler outside.

“Forty-eight has been our cut off,” said Leonard Floberg.

Sometimes they have to though. Golf courses like Rose Creek have to prepare the grounds for winter.

“There’s a variety of things that we need to do as far as putting down certain kinds of chemicals, fertilizers and making sure it’s prepared,” said Joel Vettel, executive director of the Fargo Park District. ‘But also just simple things like we have to look up the lines for our sprinkler systems.”

Most golf courses in Fargo will start closing in the next couple of weeks.

The park district said they will try to keep Rose Creek open as long as possible for those die-hard golfers.

“When you’re golfing in November in the state of North Dakota, you’re doing pretty well,” Vettel said. “We want to make sure people are healthy and how do you do that? You get them active.”

So why golf in the cold November weather?

“To me, it’s relaxing. Some people get real nervous and get upset with it,” Doug Kleingarten said. “I guess I do at times but I’m just glad I can get out. It’s one of the few sports I can play.”

Others have another reason.

“It’s just a challenge to try and improve my game,” Floberg said. “I have improved, slowly.”

And just like the Fargo Park District, Vettel says they’re always trying to keep those active in full swing.

“We don’t move here because of the weather,” Vettel said. “We move here because there’s great quality of life. It’s great people, great activities and really things to do all-year-round.”

If we don’t see snow anytime soon, Rose Creek will close the first week of November.

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