Fargo Invaders Raising Money for Wildfire Victims in California

Some of the players have family and friends who are displaced by the wildfire

FARGO, ND — A local football club is starting a week-long fundraiser to help wildfire victims in California.

From Monday until Friday, the Fargo Invaders are raising money to help bring shelter to people forced from their homes.

Club leaders said some players have friends and family out there who had to evacuate when the flames got close to their homes.

“When families have to go through these things… they don’t have any resources if their house is burned down,” said Ruel Johnson, Fargo Invaders Vice President. “It’s kind of a long term thing as well. Any relief they can get I’m sure is appreciated.”

Anyone who wants to give to the Fargo Invaders’ fundraiser can do so at any Bell State bank location by clicking here.

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