LIVE: Erasing The Stigma With F5 Project

Event Hopes To Help End Stigma Attached To Former Criminals


Kirsten Huovinen with the F5 Project joins Adam Ladwig to talk about the group’s “Erasing the Stigma” event.

The F5 Project operates seven homes for people transitioning out of prison or treatment.

Part of the goal for the event is to get rid of the stigma attached to people who have served time in jail or prison.

Huovinen talks about how people have fewer places they can turn for help if they have a criminal record.

Speakers at the “Erasing the Stigma” event include former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf.

The event runs from 8 a.m. to noon on Thursday, October 19th at the Fargodome.

You can find ticket information by clicking here.

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