Lego Sidewalk: The Mystery of Downtown Fargo’s Vigilante Repair

After a morning photo shoot from several pedestrians, city engineers got rid of the Lego brick

FARGO, ND — A person who some call a productive vandal glued a brick made of Legos onto a Fargo sidewalk.

Posts of the act went viral online.

But it was soon after when city officials removed the colorful brick from the downtown crosswalk.

At the corner of Roberts Street and First Avenue North, a vigilante builder filled a hole where a missing brick once laid.

“Maybe it’s a reaction to the whole, ‘there’s a hole here,'” said Architecture student Shaun Rolfes. “If nobody’s going to fill it, maybe we should as the people.”

A brick made of Lego’s caught the eye of many passers-by, with many snapping pictures to show the world online.

“I think it’s more of just someone’s perspective of art,” James Darville said.

“I saw it pop up on Drekker [Brewing Company]’s Facebook page,” added Jason Krapp.

But even with all of this attention, the mysterious brick layer never came forward.

Since their creation did not live up to city codes, it had to go.

Engineers with the City of Fargo decided to take the brick out and replace it with an even bigger hole along with five cones.

Everyone I asked said they preferred the Lego brick.

“I came out to try to find it and well here we are with nothing left. I’m like, gahh,” Krapp exclaimed. “I should have just said, ‘Travis, look, I can’t go to work, I gotta do this.'”

“The Lego brick was a lot more useful than the mass of cones in the middle of the sidewalk,” Darville said.

“I think it’s better than what we see right now there,” said¬†Charlotte Greub.¬†“It’s a little bit a hazard.”

We know who took out the productive creation, but we still don’t know who this enigmatic Lego builder is.

Is it a fed up pedestrian who wanted to change where they walked for the better?

Or is it this kid, famous on the internet for using a bare foot’s nightmare as a trap?

Based on my interviews, I’m thinking Shaun the architecture student is a viable candidate.

“It inspires me to fill it up with Legos,” he said in an interview. “I might have to do that sometime.”

After an evening stakeout, nobody came to fill the hole with concrete or Legos.

At this time, nobody has stepped forward to say whether or not they put in the Lego brick.

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