No Tricks, Just Treats with the BBB this Halloween

The BBB wants you to have fun this Halloween but remember to stick with the experts when purchasing your costume

FARGO, ND — In less than two weeks, monsters, movie characters and action heroes will be roaming the streets looking for some candy.

The Better Business Bureau wants to make sure that you have a happy Halloween by providing some tips on how to safely purchase a costume.

Halloween is all about the frightening decorations and the eerie costumes.

“Scream, I get to wear a white mask,” said 10-year-old Travis Syverson.

The BBB wants to make sure your costume shopping experience is not nearly as scary.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, you should check the return policy.

“We know what their return policy is so we know what to expect should we have an issue with a costume,” said Heather Johnson, who is with the BBB. “Some shops because of their time frame have a no return policy. Well then, that presents a problem if there are issues with the costume.”

The BBB wants you to have fun this Halloween, but remember to stick with the experts when purchasing your costume.

More than $9 billion on themed goods is expected to be spent this Halloween.

“It just seems that it gets more and more every year,” Justin Collins said, who is the store manager of Spirit Halloween. “We try to produce more and more every year to meet people’s needs.”

More purchases sometimes means more returns so the BBB is suggesting that you read the fine print before making a transaction.

“They may be shut down November 1 and if you need to return something you can’t,” said Johnson.

Do you need to pay for shipping if ordering online?

If you rip, stain or lose the costume are there additional fees?

“That’s an added cost that sometimes we miss in the excitement,” said Johnson.

Many of the seasonal Halloween stores are run by reputable retailers but the BBB is reminding you to check on–line customer reviews for costume shops in the area.

Halloween is right behind Christmas in sales.

The BBB also says to think outside of the box this Halloween.

Renting and buying are not the only two options.

You may want to check a second hand store or your hall closet.

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