“Trunk-Or-Treat” Offers a More Accessible Halloween Celebration

The event offers a safe trick-or-treating venue for all kids and families

FARGO, ND — Not all families are able to take part in the typical night of trick-or-treating.

It’s why hundreds of families stopped by a parking lot in costume for a more accessible Halloween celebration.

It’s that time of year for favorite superheroes, monsters and having fun.

But many parents said the usual door-to-door trick-or-treating has its challenges for disabled kids.

“I’m also a parent of a child with autism,” Nicole Watkins said. “We can’t do regular trick-or-treating. We can’t do steps. He doesn’t understand why we’re not going into people’s houses. A lot of the decorations like the strobe lights and that kind of thing. It’s just not something that he’s wanting to do.”

Nicole Watkins and many other parent volunteers decided the most accessible option is trunk-or-treat.

“So this way he gets to participate in a Halloween event and get a lot of candy,” Watkins said.

Trunk owners had themes based on shows and local businesses.

Some dressed as their favorite characters while others came dressed as themselves, like the firefighters and police officers.

The free-range candy collecting is not just for disabled children: the event is open to all families.

With hundreds of trunk-or-treaters, volunteers are glad the skies cleared for the outing.

“We weren’t sure because the weather a couple days ago was kinda scary,” said Julie Grummons, a volunteer who helped organize the event. “I’m so glad it’s perfect out here, hardly any wind. It’s just nice.”

Some kids decided to make a trunk of their own.

“Well, Stranger Things, I really like the show, and my mom thinks I look like Eleven,” said Elliott Thorson.

“I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but he has,” Sawyer Thorson added.

They told me a big reason why they’re here is to help ensure all kids get a safe and fun trick-or-treat outing.

“Feels nice, and at the end, we get to go around and we get to get more candy,” Elliott said.

Grummons said the Dakota Medical Foundation hosts the trunk-or-treat every year.

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