Gun Deer Season Opener This Weekend

The Deer Opener firearm season begins November 4th in Minnesota and November 10th in North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. — Ready, aim, fire… because the Deer Opener is right around the corner.

“The deer opener is kind of something everybody waits for. It should be a national holiday in some people’s minds,” said Cameron Holland, the Hunting Manager at Scheels. “You get to go out in the field and have some fun.”

Because deer hunting is becoming increasingly more popular in North Dakota and Minnesota, both Holland and the DNR say the number of hunters out in the fields this year may be too high to count.

“More than I have toes and fingers,” said Holland. “It’s going to be a good year.”

“We’re expecting close to 500,000 hunters will be out there again this year,” said Steve Merchant from DNR Wildlife. “We may be recruiting a few people, you know the outlook is good so we could see participation bump up a little bit.”

Before hitting the fields there are some necessary safety equipment you’ll need to have, including a blaze orange hat and jacket.

“Remember in Minnesota you’re required to wear blaze orange from the waist up and if you’re wearing a hat it also has to be blaze orange,” said Conservation Officer Tim Maass.  “We also want hunters to remember if they’re hunting from a ground blind that they need to flag that ground blind with blaze orange.”

“Safety equipment, blaze orange is a huge one,” added Holland. “We have a huge variety of blaze orange for that. Tree stand harnesses are obviously huge if you’re a tree stand hunter.”

Holland says it’s equally as important to prepare for any and all weather conditions.

“Last year it was 80 degrees on opener. This year we’re looking at high thirties to forties,” said Holland. “Just being able to if the weather does change in the day being able to take a layer off or put a layer on. That’s a huge thing.”

The Deer Opener firearm season begins November 4th in Minnesota and November 10th in North Dakota.

If you’re planning on hunting this season be sure to check out “Blaze Days”, a one day event at Scheels in Fargo from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. There will be giveaway prizes and equipment at discounted prices.

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