NDSU football championship trophies make appearance at Scheels

Bison fans got photos with the trophies and met with coaches

FARGO, N.D. — Bison football fans got to see the team’s prized possessions in person. All eight NCAA championship trophies were on display at the Scheels on 45th Street in Fargo. People were able to take pictures with the trophies and meet NDSU football coaches, including Head Coach Matt Entz. For one fan who’s been to all eight championships, being…

People Pack Into Scheels Arena For Fargo Ice Fishing Show

The Show Offered Seminars, Kids Games And Other Activities

FARGO, N.D. — Shoppers, vendors and families are packing into Scheels Arena to catch up on the latest gear and pick up some new tricks before they hit the ice this season. “The latest and greatest products services like guides hotels, resorts, lots of activities we got Santa Claus here it’s been a really fun event.” Organizers of the show…

Scheels Hosts 6th Annual Ice Fest

The event has become a mecca for ice fishing fans.

FARGO, N.D.- The chilly weather didn’t stop anglers from stopping by “Ice Fest” at Scheels and purchasing items for their next trip. Many have come to check out tackle and rods. “We got a full showroom of pop–up ice houses, we’ve also got some more permanent models again from outlet recreation. If you’re looking to fish out something more interesting,…

Farmers Asked To Wear Hunting Gear For Deer Opener

North Dakota's Opener is on Friday and Minnesota's is on Saturday

NORTH DAKOTA & MINNESOTA — Because of challenges with flooding and snow, farmers are being forced to work late into the season to harvest their crops. That leaves them directly in the firing zone as hunters sprawl across the fields of North Dakota and Minnesota for the deer hunting opener. “Understanding that those farmers are out there in their combine…

‘Love Your Melon’ & Scheels Treat Local Families Battling Cancer To Shopping Sprees

Each family received a $2,000 Scheels gift card

FARGO, N.D. — 4–year–old Emma Basting is just as energetic as most toddlers out there. “She wants to be moving all the time. She loves to be in her wheelchair cruising around. Shopping is one of her favorite things to do,” says Emma’s father Aaron Basting. Fittingly, she got to spend the afternoon doing just that. Love Your Melon, an…

Scheels to Host 16th Annual Hunting Expo


FARGO, N.D. — Scheels has been preparing for its 16th annual Hunting Expo for nearly a year, and it’s finally right around the corner. This year’s event includes classics like the dog-jumping competition, as well as some new businesses, including waterfall, archery and barbecue vendors. The expo will have a “mini food court” feel. Barbecue vendors are the main focus,…

Fargo South Students Take Breather from Schoolwork with Bruin Bash

Students spent the day participating in Bruin Bash activities and visiting a career fair

FARGO, N.D.– Fargo South High School students are taking a quick breather from their typical coursework before the weight of finals takes over next week. Students spent the day participating in Bruin Bash activities throughout the building. The school organized a career fair where students with an interest in summer work had the opportunity to meet and mingle with local…

13th Annual FishFest is Reeling People In for the Start of Fishing Season

Over 70 different vendors are selling the latest in fishing gear

FARGO, N.D. — Area anglers are getting ready for the start of fishing season in Minnesota, which is a little over two weeks away. Anglers of all ages are casting their lines and checking out the latest fishing gear at the 13th annual FishFest. Scheels and fishing equipment partners have the most recent models of rods, tech and clothing on display….