National and Local Advocates of Planned Parenthood Host Progress on the Prairie Event

Defunding programs and removing access could change the future of millions

FARGO, ND — Advocates of Planned Parenthood gathered downtown to show their support for the organization at their annual Progress on the Prairie event.

Former Senator Olympia Snowe says possible changes to Planned Parenthood from the new administration could affect thousands.

“‘Where will I get my birth control if you’re not here? What happens if you close your doors?'” asked Sarah Stoesz, the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood in North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Those are some big questions being asked by people across the nation who rely on Planned Parenthood.

“Once you terminate that type of funding, many of these women will not have access to vital care that can make the difference between life and death,” said Olympia Snowe, a former U.S. Senator from Maine.

Defunding programs and removing access could change the future of millions.

“People should become parents when they are ready to become parents,” Stoesz said. “Every child should be a wanted child.”

While there are many concerns over funding, Planned Parenthood advocates say not to worry.

“Planned parenthood clinics provide invaluable services,” said Snowe.

“Planned Parenthood is 100 years old,” added Stoesz. “We are committed to serving women and men in this country no matter what.”

Advocates are celebrating the organization through a common goal.

“Hope and belief that in a bipartisan way we can solve our problems and we can make our country a strong, warm, welcoming, healthy place for everybody,” said Stoesz.

Progress on the Prairie is an annual event, but Snowe says this year, the new administration has changed the conversation.

“That’s what makes it so different. There have been multiple efforts underway in congress and by the president that poses a real threat,” said Snowe.

Planned Parenthood advocates say with possible changes from the new administration, nothing will stop them from dedicating their time to women’s health and rights.

“We can come together across a political divide, celebrate Planned Parenthood and agree that we are here for good,” said Stoesz.

Many Planned Parenthood advocates showed up at the event, including two North Dakotans who were honored for their dedication to women’s health and rights.

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