Homeward Animal Shelter Needs Help Finding Homes for its Feline Residents

Despite setting a record in October, the shelter is overcrowded with cats

FARGO, N.D. — Homeward Animal Shelter recorded a record number of adoptions in the month of October but the shelter still has many animals needing homes.

Many of the adoptions in the previous month placed dogs in permanent homes.

The shelter is in need of homes for its growing cat population.

The colder weather has led to an increased number of cats that have fallen into the shelter’s care.

“We have a lot of cats still in our care – we’ve got about 85 right now – there’s probably another 15 to 20 in the local pounds that need rescue,” said Heather Clyde, shelter manager.  “We’re getting phone calls every day from people who need help with cats that have shown up on their property outside of the area, so we are still in need of more space.”

The shelter is offering a discount on cat adoption fees through Sunday.  To find out how you can adopt, go to our website and click here.

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