F-M Homeless Coalition Gets Community Input

they talked about communicating with panhandlers and the ways they are working with the state to help Fargo's homeless individuals

FARGO, ND — The F-M Homeless Coalition wanted to provide a space for people who work downtown to ask questions about the homeless population.

As part of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, coalition employees say it was also a way for the public to understand why homelessness is such a complex issue.

People asked questions about ways to communicate with panhandlers and ways the coalition is working with the state to help Fargo’s homeless individuals.

“A lot of times there are misconceptions or myths about what is going on in our community around homelessness and we wanted to provide that open format,” said Cody Schuler, executive director of the F-M Homeless Coalition. “One of the things, we offer a lot of education opportunities but often times they’re half day or full day workshops and folks can’t take advantage of those.”

The coalition has been awarded a $68,000 grant for winning the 2017 Bush Prize for Community Innovation.

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