Family in Mourning After a Murder-Suicide in Menahga

The men are identified as 82 year-old Carl Albin and 67 year-old Michael Callahan.


MENAHGA, Minn. — Family members are grieving after a series of tragedies, the latest being a murder-suicide in Menahga, Minnesota.

Authorities said two bodies were found with gunshot wounds in a house just after midnight.

Police wouldn’t tell concerned family members the names of two men found dead at 814 Oak Avenue Northeast.

Sherrill Johnson is certain it was her 82-year-old cousin, Carl Albin.

“We thought it was in the white house next door,” Sherrill said in tears.

They were originally here from Ham Lake to attend an afternoon funeral for Carl’s life partner Olga who they said died from lung cancer just days ago.

“I can’t believe it is what it is,” Sherrill said. “I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it.”

“I came here to see Carl and Olga to see if they knew who these people were that got shot,” said Eino Maninga, a friend of Carl’s. “Here they are.”

“We don’t know how there’s two people dead,” added Dean Johnson, Sherrill’s husband. “We believe Carl is one of them.”

Officials did confirm neither of the two men were the homeowners, but Sherril said Carl and Olga lived there together for more than 15 years.

Multiple people who knew Carl heard this may have to do with someone he had business dealings with.

“We did hear from one of the persons that the guy’s name was Mike,” Sherrill said.

“That’s not Carl’s car,” Maninga noticed. “I wonder if it’s Callahan’s car…”

Authorities have yet to confirm either of the two men’s identities.

Regardless of what exactly happened behind those doors, it comes as a shock to those knew Carl well.

“He didn’t have any enemies,” Sherrill said. “Carl was so level headed, somebody you liked to talk and visit with.”

“He was always just a laid back guy, you know,” Dean added. “They’re gonna be missed.”

Family members were considering postponing Olga’s funeral after dealing with what seems like yet another tragedy.

Authorities told families they will confirm the identities of the bodies by Tuesday.

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