Profile by Sanford Offers Healthy Options for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Profile by Sanford Gives Tips on Staying Healthy This Thanksgiving

FARGO, ND — Thanksgiving may be considered the biggest feast of the year full of temptations.

Health coaches at Profile by Sanford say there are plenty of ways to indulge in some of those holiday cravings without derailing your health plan.

If you’re headed to someone’s house for the big meal, bring along a healthy dish.

After eating, walk away from the table so you won’t give in to a second helping.

There’s even something you can do before you take your first bite of the meal.

“Don’t go to that Thanksgiving festivity hungry,” Profile Coach Amy Nathan said. “Make sure that you’re having all of your healthy, on track options prior to, drinking all your water, and having healthy options at the event as well so you’re not indulging on an empty stomach.”

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