Free Pick-Up Lacrosse Offered in Hopes of Expanding the Sport

they provided all the equipment

MOORHEAD, Minn. — People interested in playing lacrosse tried it out for free at Moorhead High School’s Fieldhouse.

The Red River Valley Lacrosse Association provides all the equipment.

Their goal is to get more teams into high schools around the metro.

In Fargo-Moorhead, there has been a club team for more than five years, holding many junior varsity and varsity awards.

“It’s just an incredible sport. It’s physical yet strategic and plenty of room to run. It’s as physical as hockey, played like basketball because you have set plays, on a soccer field,” said Matt Gilberston, Red River Valley Lacrosse Association vice president. 

The Association will host another open house on December 2nd from 10-11 am at the Metro Recreation Center, and on January 14 from 4-5 pm at the Moorhead Fieldhouse.

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