Moorhead Man Offers $1,000 Reward for Arrest of Vandals

Bob Footitt is offering a $1,000 reward to help catch the person responsible

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Vandals have repeatedly struck one south Moorhead neighborhood over the past few months.

Now, after the latest incident, one homeowner is offering a reward that he hopes will end the attacks.

“It’s time for this stuff to stop,” Bob Footitt said.  He lives on South Rivershore Drive and says he has been the victim of multiple cases of vandalism.

Footitt says he’s fed up after vandals yet again targeted his neighborhood and apparently shot a BB gun into the front window of his home.

“The hard–working people in this community are tired of coming home to seeing their property destroyed for no reason,” Footitt said.

He says vandalizing property is one thing, but now he’s taking it personally.

“Targeting my home, likely my dogs, who I love like my family is absolutely unacceptable, and I take it as a personal attack on my home,” said Footitt.

The window is just the latest in a string of events that Bob says he and his neighbors have had to deal with over the past few months.

Footitt’s mailbox has been destroyed four times.  Recently, a drunk driver crashed in his front yard with a BAC four times the legal limit.

“There’s been a lot of vandalism recently, but we’re here to offer $1,000 starting reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whomever is responsible,” Footitt said.

He hopes the reward will entice someone to come forward so the neighborhood can be peaceful once again.

“We as a community have got to put a stop to this,” said Footitt.

Footitt hopes to have an account set up to accept donations from public to help fund the reward.  Moorhead police are still investigating the case.

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