High School Students and Teachers are Helping Those Struggling with Hunger

Now it's flourished into a fully functioning food pantry in the halls of Fargo South High School

FARGO, ND — In North Dakota online, more than 58,000 people are struggling with hunger and about 16,000 are children.

Students and faculty at Fargo South High School have decided to take matters into their own hands.

It started off as a Facebook post.

“We need to do this and I’m like okay I was just posting stuff but let’s do it,” said Arielle Dowling, a special services teacher.

And now it’s flourished into a fully functioning food pantry in the halls of Fargo South High School.

“People underestimate the importance of having a full stomach when you are trying to learn,” said Brooklyn Klein, a junior at Fargo South High School.

From food, to clothing and even toiletries, these kids are getting necessities they may otherwise have trouble purchasing.

“I mean this is small town Fargo to some people but it’s an issue here that people are homeless and people are hungry,” said Dowling.

Both staff advisors say these students give it their all to volunteer. Whether it’s before school during school or after school, they make the time.

“I got a task I need help with, with the food pantry. Almost every kid raises their hand,” said Brittany Olson, a science teacher.

These volunteers aren’t just making a difference at school but taking strides towards change in the community.

“Being a student you don’t think you can really do much but you can. You can help all the kids around you,” said Maisy Jablon, a sophomore at Fargo South High School.

Dowling says it’s all about forming relationships with the students.

“Just to show that we value them more than just their grades and that we care about more than test scores and we care about them as an individual,” Dowling said.

“We’re not only helping them with their education but in their personal lives,” Klein said.

The Bruin Food Pantry serves around 50 anonymous students a month and about 20 take part in the weekly backpack program.

“We just get a list, pack the bags with whatever they need and then send them off,” said Mianna Hager, a junior at Fargo South High School.

These students are fighting a worldwide problem by starting with those around them.

“It’s important to make sure we’re helping those around us because we’re the future and the sooner we learn that the better our outcome is going to be,” Klein said.

The Bruin Food Pantry is a partner of the Great Plains Food Bank and organizers say donations to either organization are a huge help.

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