More Construction Coming to 13th Avenue South in 2018

the entire road will be redone from 45th street south to 12th street east

FARGO, ND — Just when you thought it was all over, here we go again.

More construction will continue on 13 Avenue South in the spring.

You can expect to see changes between 45th Street South in Fargo to 12th Street East in West Fargo.

The last time 13th Avenue South was completely reconstructed was in 1980.

A large section between 38th and 44th streets was expanded in 2016.

Now another big section will be improved.

“The pavement is failing. The average lifespan for concrete pavement at that type of use on 13th Avenue is probably about 30 years. It’s just reached its lifespan,” said Chris Brungardt, West Fargo director of Public Works.

“We’re going to turn it into a brand new concrete road but we’re really going to add an extra lane coming eastbound so we’ll make it a full six-lane roadway from 45th Street to 9th Street,” said Jeremy Gorden, transportation division engineer with the City of Fargo.

The project consists of four phases which will each take between four to six weeks.

They will add an eastbound lane.

Engineers from both cities say they’ve worked on ways to minimize congestion as much as possible.

“Lessons learned from previous projects,” Gorden said.

“The difference this year is we’re not dealing with such a time crunch and we’ll be able to have access open the entire length,” Brungardt said.

Business owners along 13th Avenue say they’re worried about what will happen come spring though.

“I don’t think excitement would be the right way to describe it,” said Derick Vettlseon, Slumberland Furniture general manager. “It’s going to be a huge effect on our business because there’s going to be a lot of traffic slowdown on 13th Avenue right in front of Slumberland Furniture.”

But they say they recognize the road has to eventually get fixed for everyone’s sake.

“Every business that’s along 13th Avenue and sees a decrease in traffic isn’t going to like it but it is a necessary thing that needs to be done so I think people must understand that,” Vettlseon said.

Fargo and West Fargo will each pay $6.5 million for the project.

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