Playoffs Begin for Bison, Fans Must Watch Their Team in Other Ways

some people went to bars, some people went tailgating as usual

FARGO, N.D. — Have you ever not been able to watch a TV show because it wasn’t on a channel you have?

That was the reality for some Bison fans this afternoon.

There’s not a Bison Saturday when Jon Onstead isn’t tailgating at the Fargodome with his wife and kids.

“It’s such a nice family atmosphere. We’ve had so much fun so we’ve gotten more and more into it,” Onstead said.

Onstead says his parents instead prefer to watch the team at home, which has become harder since this game isn’t on television.

“I understand ESPN has the rights and everything but a lot of people, I’ve heard a lot of friends and family shuffling around,” Onstead said. “My mom and dad can’t watch at home so they have to go to our house to watch it. It is a little more difficult and it’s too bad that we can’t somehow air that at least regionally for people who really want to watch it.”

Instead, fans are left with limited options, like heading to the bar.

Amy Scott says she feels for those fans who would rather watch a Bison game in the comfort of their own home.

“For those individuals that aren’t into the bar scene, it is kind of nice to have the ability to watch the game at home,” Scott said.

However, she says bars aren’t always a bad place to be in. After all, it’s where she met her husband Tim when they both attended NDSU.

“We actually met at the Bison Turf. I was working at the Bison Turf and his baseball team came in every summer,” Scott said. “No cheesy pick up line. What? Not me.”

Tim says he doesn’t care so much about the Bison playoff games being on ESPN3 though.

“ESPN3 is very accessible so I don’t have any problems with that,” he said.

He says he always prefers to support the Bison by tailgating because it’s so much more than a way to fill a Saturday.

“Getting together with your family and friends and hopefully celebrating a Bison victory,” Tim said.

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