First Blast of Winter 2017 Hits the Region Hard

As the hours tick by, Fargo Public Works has been keeping a close eye on the conditions

FARGO, ND — The first blizzard of the season has affected everyone from students and local drivers to professional truckers.

“It was just crazy the rest of the day,” said West Fargo senior, Matthew Jahnke. “Once the announcement came out, kids were just, like bouncing off the walls.”

It also prevented people from finishing their journeys on the road.

“Running about 50 miles an hour instead of 65-70 and by the time I got here, just ready to shut her down,” said big rig driver, John Harder.

Harder was driving through the metro from Canada.

His pit stop in Fargo has turned into an overnight stay.

“People who know me know I don’t stop very easily,” he added. “For me to stop it’s a fairly big deal.”

He has been driving a large semi in these conditions for the past 48 years and although he trusts himself, nothing is guaranteed with other drivers.

“The small cars the other big trucks you really got think what are they going to do? The safest place around a big truck is behind a big truck,” Harder said.

As the hours tick by, Mark Williams, who is with Fargo Public Works, has been keeping a close eye on the conditions.

“Based on the accumulation on the road and the dropping temperatures, it’s going to get slippery out there,” Williams said.

They are warning people to plan ahead and to make sure they are giving themselves extra time.

With the temperature dropping and the winds increasing, it’s important to be cautious and trust your instinct.

Take it slow, take it easy if you start getting too scared, park it.


A No Travel Advisory remains in effect for south central and northeastern North Dakota including Grand Forks, Jamestown, Valley City and surrounding areas.

Drivers are encountering near zero visibility and icy road conditions especially at bridges and sheltered areas.

A Travel Alert remains in effect for Fargo and southeastern North Dakota due to snow covered and slippery roads and blowing snow creating reduced visibility.

Travel is not advised in northwestern Minnesota due to white out blowing snow and icy road conditions.

Roads are now partially covered with ice and snow along I-94 past Fergus Falls then for another stretch before St. Cloud.

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