Road Conditions Continue to Deteriorate Throughout the Evening

REGIONAL — It’s the first big snow of the season and the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for a large part of our viewing area until midnight.

Although the snow conditions haven’t been as bad as people we’re expecting, the low temperatures and high winds have been a recipe for some bad road conditions and a number of crashes.

We spoke with drivers who say it hasn’t been easy to get from place to place and the traction has not been promising.

Out on the roads drivers, even professional truck drivers, are taking it slow and being cautious of the drivers around them, but that hasn’t prevented cars from spinning and swirling off the roads.

Schools in West Fargo and Moorhead were all let out early from school and kids say although they are excited for the snow to finally be here, they get nervous with the road conditions.

Fargo Public Works has been watching the storm continually and will be sanding the roads until conditions change later tonight.

“People who know me know I don’t stop very easily,” said one big rig driver. “For me, to stop it’s a fairly big deal.”

“Couple times, the breaks haven’t really been working because it’s icy and so I’m just like ‘oh I got to slow it down a little bit,'” said another driver.

“We’ll have a full crew coming in at 7 p.m. tonight which will be working on the roads throughout the night,” said Mark Williams, who is with Fargo Public Works. “Depending on what this last band does is going to determine if we continue with the sanding salting or full blow plowing.”

The key to being safe in this weather is to be cautious of the roads and the drivers around you. There are been numerous cars driving the speed limit on the interstate that have lost traction.

At nine, we will have another live update on what the weather conditions are looking like and how local authorities are taking care of the streets.

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