A Community in Mourning: Three Children Left Behind After Apparent Murder-Suicide in Fergus Falls

sarah and ryan cheshire left behind three children

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — The Fergus Falls community is in mourning after the apparent murder-suicide of attorneys Ryan and Sarah Cheshire, a recently divorced couple.

Three children have been left without their parents.

People in Fergus Falls say there’s been a change in the atmosphere since Wednesday night.

“Like a major cloud came over the town. It’s extremely sad, unexpected, shocking,” said Sue Mohagen.

That’s when the bodies of recently divorced Ryan and Sarah Cheshire were found by Fergus Falls police.

They say their preliminary investigation showed Ryan shot Sarah before taking his own life.

Something many people in Fergus Falls say is out of the ordinary.

“It’s kind of strange here I guess. That’s kind of why I like it here. It’s kind of quiet and mellow and not that type of place but they just had a shooting not too long ago,” said Dan Clinger.

“These things don’t happen in Fergus or in towns like this so it’s just interesting,” said Kaitlyn Starkey.

The Cheshire’s moved to Fergus Falls 11 years ago.

Ryan was an Assistant District Attorney for Ottertail County and Sarah was a partner at a private law firm.

“There’s people that they ran with and there’s a lot of people in the community that know them very well,” Mohagen said. “There’s some kids that are going to be left behind that the community is concerned about. They’re going to need a lot of support.”

Community members in Fergus Falls started a GoFundMe Page for the Chesire’s kids with a fundraising goal of $50,000.

It has raised more than $10,000 and continues to grow.

Messages of endearment like “love you kiddos”, “praying for their family and beautiful children” and “things will get better. You are even loved by strangers” continue to flood the page to remind the Cheshire kids that although their parents are gone, an entire community has their back.

“My heart really goes out to them. They’re in our thoughts and prayers and in our minds,” Starkey said.

The Minnesota BCA is assisting in the investigation.

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