Fargo Air Museum Creates Stronger Relationships Between Veterans

the Fargo VA helped give veterans rides so they could hang out with one another

FARGO, ND —┬áVeterans were able to share life stories with one another while enjoying some coffee and donuts.

It was the Fargo Air Museum’s way of trying to get veterans to meet and bond with some of the other people who have served their country.

Fargo’s Veterans Affairs provided most of the veterans that came free bus rides to the museum’s Veterans Coffee Hour.

Some say they try to meet veterans as often as they can because they can relate to each other.

“The Air Museum provides a place that is comfortable to them because they see things they’re used to seeing. The old helicopters. The old airplanes,” said veteran Alec Macdonald.

The next coffee hour is January 10.

It will then continue every second Wednesday of the month.

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