West Fargo’s Website is “On the Grow”

The City of West Fargo Lets Residents Know What New Features and Updates Their Website Has

WEST FARGO, ND — The City of West Fargo has updated their website in hopes to build a stronger connection with people and neighborhoods.

For the past year, the City of West Fargo has been looking for ways to freshen up their website.

The new site is set to go live Thursday.

One new feature to customize your experience is the ability to create an account, where you can choose notifications to send to your email.

“That allows them to take a look at the different categories of Alerts and news and updates we might have,” said Melissa Richard, who is the Communications Specialist for the┬áCity of West Fargo.

The new website is more visually appealing as well.

“There’s just a lot more color and ability to show off West Fargo on this website,” Richard said. “It’s really going to feature pictures in the background and we want to get the look and the feel of West Fargo out there.”

One of the biggest priorities in creating the new site was to make sure residents are able to connect to city officials.

“We have lots of contact forms in there, a different variety of options if you need to report a concern,” Richard said.

The website is meant to be user friendly with its “mega menu” which lets you look at the website at a glance.

Current residents aren’t the only ones using the site.

“It’s also used by future residents who might be looking for a job or relocation and want to really figure out what West Fargo is all about,” Richard said.

As a city on the grow, West Fargo hopes this updated website can help connect the community.

“West Fargo has really been focused on developing a really good community engagement communication plan with our citizens,” Richard said. “We’ve been trying to up our game on social media as well, using things like Nextdoor, and Facebook, and Twitter.”

City officials say the site will be up and running by Thursday afternoon.

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