Kids Get Certified in Snowmobile Safety Before Starting Their Engines

The class was for kids 12 and up

MOORHEAD, Minn. —¬†Snowmobiling can be a fun winter sport for many but it can also get dangerous for new riders who aren’t used to the machine.¬† That’s why many kids strapped on their helmets for a Snowmobile Safety Class at Moorhead High School.

For some families, winter isn’t just a cold and dark abyss.

It’s a time when they can really have some fun.

“It’s a long winters around here and if you don’t have anything to look forward to, it can get a lot longer where in our family, when the weather starts turning cold, we start getting excited about getting the snowmobiles out and being able to ride them,” Justin Martin said.

Now Martin’s daughter, Emma, can get involved in the family fun because she just got her snowmobiling certification.

“I wanted to make sure I got certified so I know how to be safe and responsible while I’m snowmobiling and if I ran into any problems, I’d know what to do,” Emma said.

But the class helped out Martin a little bit too.

“I actually sat through the class with her you know and kind of brushed up on a few things too between all the signals and the laws and the rules and everything. It’s good for them to learn that,” Martin said.

One of the main things kids were taught at the Snowmobile Safety Class was to always be cautious of what’s happening around them.

“Be aware of your surroundings and know what the snowmobile is capable of doing so that they don’t automatically get on it and go faster than they should,” said Harvey Moos, the snowmobile safety class instructor.

Some say part of the challenge is just learning to get used to a new machine.

“Especially when you’re riding in ditches and uneven terrain, side hilling and stuff or coming up to bumps and approaches, how it’s going to react and stuff,” Martin said.

Once people get used to a snowmobile, some say you’ll never look back.

“You’re going to be hooked,” Moos said.

“Just getting out and seeing people and there’s nothing better than riding through the woods on a nice sunshine day in the winter,” Martin said.

Only those born after December 31, 1976, are required to have their snowmobiling certification.

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