NDSU is Giving Students a Place to Call Home this Holiday Season

When you live thousands of miles away from your college campus, it's not always possible to get home for breaks

FARGO, ND — When you live thousands of miles away from your college campus, it’s not always possible to get home for breaks.

NDSU is giving kids a place to call home this holiday season.

On the outside, NDSU seems quiet, but on the inside, some students are staying on campus this winter break.

“They can stay where they’ve become accustomed to, what has become home to them,” said Rian Nostrum, the Director of Residence Life at NDSU.

Many students are unable to get home to their families for the holidays.

“Whenever I was a college student I could jump in the car, drive a few hours and be home. They can’t,” Rian said.

“We have some of the international students, some students that just live far across the country or even the kids that have to work over the break. It’s kind of nice because I can see them around the hall and they’ll say hi to me and they’re like it’s nice to see somebody for the first time in three days,” said Cal Evoniuk, a junior at NDSU.

Cal is an RA on campus and is a friendly face for students this holiday season.

“I think it’s nice to just let them know they’re not completely alone,” Cal said.

And the campus makes it easy for students to have a place to stay.

“Once we know for certain that they’re going to be staying, we make sure that everything is set up so that they can get around the building as they please,” Rian said.

But many students say the campus can seem lonely once students start preparing to leave.

There are a few things students are asked to do before leaving their rooms turning down the thermostat to a lower temperature is required to save energy.”

“Unplugging anything that doesn’t need to be used,” Rian said.

Although many things are closed or turned off, that doesn’t stop the students who are staying from enjoying their time together.

“Chinese food for Christmas dinner last year so just like a fun thing to kind of get out and about,” Cal said.

The students have to pay an extra 14 dollars per night to stay on campus but they can pick and choose the nights throughout the three weeks they will need.

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