Park Christian Students Host Annual Eggnog Chugging Contest

an eighth grader won the competition in under a minute

MOORHEAD, Minn. —┬áStudents at Park Christian School were put to the test to see who could chug one quart of eggnog the fastest.

Every year, the school hosts the competition as a way to celebrate the holiday season.

More than a dozen students participated in chugging eggnog this year.

But the competition proved to not even be a challenge for eighth grader Rolly Beach as he took first place in under a minute.

“It feels pretty good, even though my stomach doesn’t feel too great after that,” Beach said. “I told my friends I’m going to win because I didn’t win last year so I was just going back for revenge on the eggnog.”

Students that decided not to chug eggnog chose to wear ugly Christmas sweaters for the day instead.

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