The Magic of Christmas Lights has Given This Couple a New Future

Ally has always loved Christmas. The lights, the spirit, the magic and just one year ago she fell in love with the light show on parkway lane

WEST FARGO, ND — The holidays are a magical time of year for a lot of us, but for one local couple, the holidays are now the start of a lifetime of magic together.

It started off with a single light that sparked an idea.

“She absolutely loves Christmas lights,” said Jennifer Ebens, one of the owners of the light show house.

And now that idea has turned into life filled with lights together, forever.

“It’s really amazing that this moment is now,” said Ally Kitowski, who just got engaged.

Ally has always loved Christmas. The lights, the spirit, the magic and just one year ago she fell in love with the light show on parkway lane.

“They stumbled upon us just driving around last year and they came a couple times a week all season long just to watch our show,” Jennifer said.

“Before dating Ally I actually had spent the last few Christmas’s alone with my dog so. Started dating her, and she brought Christmas spirit back into my life, and reminded me what Christmas is about and why it’s so special and important and fun,” said Chris McGregor, Ally’s fiancé.

Throughout the last six months every detail has been planned.

“Chris came to us and said is there any way I could do this in front of your house and we were like that would be amazing,” Jennifer said.

Chris wanted to make this night seem like any other night they would be watching the show.

“You are able to tune in so you can stay in your car and watch the lights, it all goes to music,” Jennifer said.

But it wasn’t just like any other night.

“He was just going to do it out in front and we said well what’s your song let’s make a special display for you guys,” Jennifer said.

It all led up to the moment their song would play on the radio.

“It’s the only night it’ll play it’s all for them it’s their song,” Jennifer said.

Ally had no idea until Chris got down on one knee.

“It was a surprise for me too,” Chris said.

Chris hadn’t seen the light show to their song until the big moment.

Families got out of their cars to cheer on the couple as they basked in the lights.

Turns out the light show in West Fargo is no longer just a house.

It’s a home that will hold a special place in their love story.

“It’s just an amazing feeling to know we helped create their magic,” Jennifer said.

Whether it was the nip in the air, the holiday joy or the magic of the lights…

“We love a good love story who doesn’t,” Jennifer said.

She said yes.

“I have a man that would go to this length for me”, Ally said.

The light show is going on until January 1st and any donations given will go directly to Golden Drive Homeless Kids.

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