Shoppers Flock to Local Retailers for the Biggest Return Day of the Year

But for many shoppers out, they don't seem to be returning gifts, they seem to be spending

FARGO, ND — After we rip open gifts from under the tree, there usually ends up a pile of stuff to return.

The day after Christmas is known as the biggest return day of the year, but in Fargo that didn’t seem to be the case.

Many Christmas presents are going back to the stores they came from.

“I do have to go back and return, just exchange some sizes,” said Natalie Hanson, a shopper.

And if you’re from a small town, it isn’t easy to get to the mall.

“For us not living in Fargo, we kind of have to plan a trip to come shopping in the first place,” Hanson said.

But for many shoppers out, they don’t seem to be returning gifts, they seem to be spending.

“It’s kind of fun to just shop for what suits you best and sometimes others don’t know exactly what you would want,” said Sarah Zaun, a shopper.

“We’re actually spending gift cards that we like,” said Amanda Nelson, a shopper.

Whether it’s cash or gift cards, it saves time from returning and gives them an excuse for a day of shopping.

“That’s kind of our Christmas tradition. My mom has done that with me for years and years so now we’re just passing along to my granddaughter,” Zaun said.

Returning a gift from a close friend or relative can also get tricky.

“Cause you feel bad a little bit returning what someone else gave you but if you have a gift card it just works out,” Nelson said.

But for those who are returning, there are many things to get instead.

“The mall has so many store options for all of their different styles,” Hanson said.

For the biggest return day of the year many shoppers at the West Acres Mall say they’re surprised at how many people are actually shopping and returning.

“There isn’t many people out this morning,” Zaun said.

And there weren’t many people all day.

The chaos didn’t seem to exist.

“It’s easy to move around so I’m excited for just a day and who knows, maybe I’ll stop at a store and get some after Christmas sales for myself,” Hanson said.

Many of the stores locally and at West Acres Mall are having post–Christmas sales.

So when you are out and about returning your gifts and spending that cash, you may stumble upon a great find.

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