Frostival Organizers Say Event Has Something for Just About Everyone

The third annual Frostival will be held January 26-27

FARGO, N.D. — The third annual Frostival is just three weeks away and organizers already have a weekend filled with outdoor activities.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau unveiled the schedule of events for this year’s version of the winter festival.

Highlights from previous years’ events are back including Friday night’s opening kickoff celebration, cross country and cardboard sled races.

Organizers say that this year’s event should have something that appeals to just about anybody.

“Ultimately, our goal is that this becomes an event that not just people in town will enjoy, but people will come from out of town to enjoy, too,” said Charley Johnson, President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.  “So if you live anywhere outside the region, you’re welcome to participate.  Come stay in our hotels and enjoy the Frostival.”

This year’s Frostival is January 26 and 27.  For a link to the list of events, click here.

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