Bison Fans Take to the Skies, Headed to Frisco

Bison Fans Leave Together From Hector International Airport For the FCS Championship

FARGO, ND — Fargo will soon become a ghost town as many Bison football fans travel to Frisco for the FCS Championship.

For some fans, this is their first time heading down to the FCS Championship game.

For others, this isn’t their first rodeo.

“We’ve signed up every year for the charter, since the first time we went to Frisco,” said Bison fan, Elaine Ackerman.

Those who have been there before said the atmosphere is like no other.

“There’s electricity in the field. Although the cheering isn’t as deafening as it is in the dome,” said fan Ed Stalheim.

“It’s crazy,” said NDSU student, Brooklyn Sirek. “Texas is definitely taken over by North Dakota. It’s all NDSU fans, all of the restaurants, everything.”

People said there’s no better feeling than being a Bison fan.

“It’s something to lift up your spirits and make you feel good about things, you know,” Stalheim said. “If things aren’t going too well or something, you go to a game and you win. You feel good about everything.”

“The people are just so nice and kind and I think that really helps with the atmosphere and being a Bison fan, it’s just one big family,” said NDSU student, Carly Maanum.

“Well, we got to expect to win. It should be a good game, both teams are good,” said Bison fan, Jellen Cooper.

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