Move that Bus! The Herd is Headed to Frisco!

Fans have got revenge in their blood hoping to make a comeback from last year

FARGO, ND — Dozens of Bison fans are ready for the big game and on their way right now to Frisco on three charter buses.

They left Fargo tonight and are excited for the weekend ahead.

These buses are packed, loaded up and fans are ready to go!

“With this trip, we’ll have traveled over 1100 people to Texas,” said Mike Schmitz, one of the organizers with Mid Sports Tours. “It’s going to be a fun trip.  We’re excited to get there.”

Whether you’ve never been or it’s your sixth championship, Bison Nation is strapping in for the adventure.

“The experience of the game, the weather that you went through to get there and come back. It’s just a thrilling experience,” said Gary Nysveen, a Bison fan.

Fans have got revenge in their blood hoping to make a comeback from last year.

“They stopped us last year, stopped the string that we had. It would be nice to stop their string and now their winning streak,” Gary said.

“It’s a lot of fun. This is going to maybe be the game of all games,” Mike said.

“Huge. Show us that we’re still on our dynasty,” said Nathan Haalend, a Bison fan. 

These fans have a long bus ride ahead of them. They are going to be arriving in Frisco around 2 pm tomorrow but that hasn’t stopped them from repping their gold and their green,”

“You’re proud to wear it out in public, you’re proud to wear it all the way to Texas and back,” Gary said.

They say the trip down is part of the experience.

“We’re excited to get there. Everybody falls asleep eventually, well most of them,” Mike said.

“A lot of us have traveled together for many years so we’ve gotten to know a lot of people on the buses,” Nathan said.

But there is nothing like arriving in Texas.

“We get down there and there’s nothing like it. I’ve done stuff at Lambeau field, I’ve done NASCAR stuff and there’s nothing even close to Frisco,” said Mike.

This group has traveled down in charter buses all six years and say they hope the tradition will continue.

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