Phones, Computers Containing Chips from Intel, ARM Holdings at Hacking Risk

it includes all Microsoft and Apple equipment

NATIONAL —┬áSecurity researchers have found just about every phone and computer containing a chip from Intel, Advanced Micro Devices and ARM Holdings could be hacked.

That includes two of the biggest software developers including Microsoft and Apple.

Their processors could be used to open any device with a security feature on them even though it doesn’t have permission.

Experts say it’s not so much a problem for individual users as it is for everything from the IRS to medical insurance companies and even Netflix.

“If you have a large server farm like Netflix and they have let’s say 10,000 servers doing something, if they take a 30 percent hit in their overall performance, that’s like reducing their server farm from 10,000 to 7,000 overnight,” said Ben Holsen, CEO of Secure Tunnel VPN.

Update your computers and phones when you get the notification to do so because it’s one of the major ways to prevent hackers from getting through a firewall.

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