Clay County Asks for Public Support for Police by Wearing Blue

Friday's celebration is a part of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Clay County officials are asking their citizens to show support for police.

This is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, but the county is celebrating all week.

The Clay County Joint Powers Committee wants the people of Clay County to wear blue on Friday.

Moorhead Schools are a part of the celebration and hope that their students get to know their police better.

“Our police officers in Clay County are there to support those students and help make them feels safe and secure,” said Brandon Lunak, interim superintendent of Moorhead Schools.

“We’re not always here to be the bad guys and things like that.  So it’s nice that we can celebrate together on Friday when they wear blue and things like that – it’ll be fun to see,” said Ethan Meehan, school resource officer with the Moorhead Police.

DGF Schools and the Cities of Moorhead and Dilworth are also participating in the celebration on Friday.

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