Planned Parenthood Takes a Stand on DACA Program

Dreamers across the country are in fear of losing their right to call the United States Home

FARGO, ND — Dreamers across the country are in fear of losing their right to call the United States Home.

One national organization is helping community members get their voices heard.

People in Fargo are standing up for those affected by DACA, the Obama–era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“These people don’t know anything besides the United States. It’s their home, they’re working, they’re going to college, they’re contributing to the community and we should appreciate the work they do and support them, said Merete Christianson, a supporter in Fargo.

An organization, that may take you by surprise, is helping them make phone calls to our congressional leaders.

“We’re about a lot of things that are important to our patients including DACA, including other things that may be beyond what Planned Parenthood typically is seen as,” said Amy Jacobson, the ND State Director with Planned Parenthood.

Jacobson believes these phone calls may change the future for dreamers across the country.

“When people become civically engaged, which making a phone call to your member of congress really is, is empowering,” Jacobson said.

Supporters were given talking points to help create a more fluid conversation on why this topic is important to Planned Parenthood and people in the community.

“They’re a group that already faces a lot of discrimination here in the United States,” Christianson said.

Not just across the country but right here in the metro.

“There is a lot more diversity in Fargo than people realize,” Christianson said.

Staff at Planned Parenthood say they can’t wait any longer to help protect around 700,000 dreamers in the US.

“The time that we’re living in is important for people to come together and stand against hate and discrimination,” Jacobson said.

Some dreamers are Planned Parenthood supporters, patients and even staff.

“The most important thing is for people to stand up and to protect people who are at risk and in fear in our Country,” Jacobson said.

They are hoping each phone call makes a difference.

A federal judge in California temporarily blocked the Trump administration’s efforts to end the DACA program late Tuesday.

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