How People in the Valley are Honoring and Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

His message is still relevant today and civil rights struggles are still a reality unfortunately

FARGO, ND — This is Martin Luther King Day and although many people have the day off, others are taking the time to celebrate the legacy of the civil rights leader.

It’s the 17th annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at the Fargo Theater and three awards to those who have continued to build on his legacy.

“It starts with our community but it spreads out in the entire country,” Laetitia Mizero Hellerud, who is with the Fargo Human Relations Commission, said.

It’s about continuing to strengthen what Dr. King started and not forgetting the past.

“His message is still relevant today and Civil Rights struggles are still a reality, unfortunately,” Mizero Hellerud said. “It’s important that we keep Dr. King’s legacy alive.”

Students at Concordia took part in a day full of activities and say it’s especially important to honor Dr. King in today’s day and age.

“Injustice and racism have kind of purveyed society and our culture is something that I am interested in having not happen,” Abdurrauf Ahmed, a student visiting Concordia, said.

“We are not moving forward in a continual line of progress and that we need to continue to revisit issues of social justice and racism and sort of understand that we always have more work to do,” Jennifer Nolan, a junior at Concordia, said.

They say Concordia is taking steps towards the same goals as Dr. King

“Diversity if a really important initiative at Concordia so I think taking the time and being very intentional about providing a program like this is really important to recognize the history of our nation and our state and just recognizing the struggle of those who have gone before us,” Taylor Strelow, a senior at Concordia, said. “I’m hoping to just gain more insight on that and find a way to reconcile my whiteness with my hopes for a more diverse future.”

There is one thing this community can agree on.

“Celebrate and remember that he was a gift to us,”┬áMizero Hellerud said.

Organizers of the event say tonight is not just about celebration and honoring Dr. King but about reflecting on what he started.

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