BLM Protest in Response to “White Lives Matter” Flyer

A controversial flyer made its way around town and sparked up community activists.

FARGO, N.D.-(KVRR) People made it their mission to dismiss hate and racism in the city of Fargo with a counter protest to a “White Live Matter” rally that was planned for this weekend. KVRR’s Clare Allen was there with the activists downtown and gives us a closer look. “No hate no KKK no racist USA” “Treat everybody equal.”  Community activists…

Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Speak Out On Racial Inequality

Those with BLM say over 200 people attended the march

FARGO, N.D. — Alaki Ajang of Fargo says he grew up thinking everybody feared the police. But he soon realized that was not the case. “I thought it was normal really, that you would see police come around and then you feel nervous that you gotta, you know, you always have to announce, there’s twelve here, twelve here, twelve here….

Company Seeks Permits to Expand Pipeline in North Dakota

The proposed Bridger Expansion project included two separate oil pipelines.

BISMARCK, N.D.–A Wyoming company is seeking permits and landowner permission to expand its pipeline network to carry crude from that state and North Dakota to a hub in Oklahoma. Casper-based Bridger Pipeline LLC launched a website this week with information for landowners and others. The proposed Bridger Expansion project included two separate oil pipelines. One straddles North Dakota and Montana…

Women’s March Draws Hundreds of People to Downtown Fargo

many people said they attended last year's march as well

  FARGO, N.D. — A national movement is happening right in your own backyard. People took part in Women’s Marches in cities like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and even here in Fargo. To the eye, this is a protest with more than 800 people shouting and holding up signs signifying what they believe in. But what you don’t see…

Fargo Civic Center to Host 2nd Women’s March on Saturday

The Fargo Moorhead 2018 Women's March Will Be Held Saturday January 20th

FARGO, N.D. — The Women’s March is back for a second year in the metro and this year they’re saying they want to go a step beyond the march. The event, which will take place this Saturday at the Fargo Civic Center, hopes to encourage more women to participate in politics, both locally and nationally. Eight speakers will kick off…

How People in the Valley are Honoring and Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

His message is still relevant today and civil rights struggles are still a reality unfortunately

FARGO, ND — This is Martin Luther King Day and although many people have the day off, others are taking the time to celebrate the legacy of the civil rights leader. It’s the 17th annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at the Fargo Theater and three awards to those who have continued to build on his legacy. “It starts with…